Ribblesdale Medical Practice

Data Provision Notice Physical Health Checks for people with Severe Mental Illness

NHS England has directed NHS Digital to collect and analyse data in connection with Physical Health Checks for people with Severe Mental Illness.

The data will allow monitoring of progress towards commitments set out in the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health,  reiterated in the NHS Long Term Plan and associated Mental Health Implementation Plan, to increase the number of people with Severe Mental Illness receiving physical health checks.

More information can be found here: https://digital.nhs.uk/about-nhs-digital/corporate-information-and-documents/directions-and-data-provision-notices/data-provision-notices-dpns/physical-health-checks-severe-mental-illness?_cldee=ZG91Z2xhcy5reWZmaW5AbmhzLm5ldA%3d%3d&recipientid=lead-8c3943b1db2feb11bf6f000d3a86b8d5-deb45c6ac4d64aea85a34e328d2a6f34&esid=b5b9d61e-ab29-eb11-a813-000d3a87467d

Date published: 8th February, 2021
Date last updated: 8th February, 2021